Monday, 10 November 2008

Ricoh GR1 - Day 7

As you can see from the picture, I finished the film and the week with the Ricoh GR1. Now I will have to develop the film tomorrow although I haven't found a cheap and good place to do so in London. The biggest problem is to get my pictures in digital form and high quality. As nice as negatives and prints are, as useless are they for day-to-day use and won't work to post on my blog either.
The problem with getting pictures on a CD is the poor quality of the scans you get. This is the worst part of using film and the main reason I don't like shooting film. Too much hassle and costs involved to see your pictures. Digital is so much better in this respect and works for me much better, more convenient and cost effective. Developing 20 film rolls and putting them on a CD will cost me more than a Ricoh R10 here and the quality of the prints will be quite poor anyway so pints from digital are usually superior these days.
Ok, today's picture shows another problem with film, the WB.

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