Friday, 28 November 2008


Ok, this is another boring picture and shameless gear show off ;). Still, this time I am asking for your opinion. I will go to Hong Kong on holiday next week and plan to make it mainly a photo trip. Now the downside of having all these cameras is which one(s) to take along for the trip?
The GRD I with adapter lenses is certainly in but what about the rest? Should I bother carrying the heavy and bulky Panasonic LC1 for the higher dynamic range and very good low ISO pictures although it is limited usable for street photography and unusable for any low light photography? How about the small R10 with the highly versatile zoom but no manual controls and slow lens? Is it worth taking the GRD II along if the GX200 can do everything it does but better and is more versatile? Or how about the GR1, it is a great camera but film is highly limited and restrictive?
So what would you take along? I am thinking to limit myself to only 2 or max. 3 cameras but which?

A reminder, the Ricohforum meetup is tomorrow. So if you are around do join us, even if you don't have a Ricoh camera but are interested in them it could be worth coming along.

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