Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Ricoh GR1 - Day 2

While the weather was again not very good, I still went out after work to take some pictres with the GR1. The ISO 200 film is however very limiting and I hope I won't end up with a bunch of blurry pictures due to camera shake. The biggest disatvantage of film is that it is very restrictive an one can not just change the ISO, color/b&w and other setting as easy as on a digital camera. Everytime I shoot film I wonder if the better image quality really makes up for the lack of flexibility.

I really like the tunnel here and will definitely return for more pictures at some point.

As to answer my own question, the image quality is not better so it does not make up for the lack of flexibility. Let me set it straight, the image quality can be better if you pay a lot for processing. The good news is that most pictures were actually not blurry as expected.

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