Thursday, 6 November 2008

Ricoh GR1 - Day 4

The weather was really bad today (yet again) so I was not overly inspired but tried to take a shot from the hip using Snap focus. It was dark and I had to use f2.8 so I hope it came out ok. One thing I don't like about the GR1 is that I have no idea how to disable the AF assist lamp (maybe reading the manual would help but this is too easy ;) ).

Ok, the picture for today turned out pretty bad, blurry and out of focus due to my own falut for setting the GR1 to Snap focus and f2.8. So I decided to use a different picture instead but you can see the original picture for today below. I decided to use the other pictre since it shows some nice weather this week but also because it showcases best the higher dynamic range although I am sure the GRD II would have done a similar job.

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