Sunday, 1 February 2009

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GR1, ISO 200 color film - Taken 11/12/2007

My last post for this week where I have been looking back at my archives and posted some older pictures. I still have lots to go through but this might come at a later stage so from tomorrow I'll post my daily pictures again.
Since I have been using the GR1 in the last week but don't have yet anything to show, I decided to post a GR1 picture to finish off this week.
I took this picture while on holiday in New York and it is my favorite from the GR1 although I wish I could retake it with a b&w film instead of the color film I had in the camera. So I edited the low resolution scan to match my vision for now but need to get this scanned and printed in higher resolution.
This picture seems to have inspired at least one other photographer since two days after I posted it on Flickr I already had an "homage" done by a fellow photographer, he even chose the same name for his picture.

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