Monday, 2 February 2009

Snowed Under

GX200, f4.4, 1/250, ISO 64, RAW, 72mm

The great thing about living in one of the most unorganized and inefficient countries in the world is that you might get unexpected a day off to play in the snow. This happened to most Londoners today. It began snowing quite heavily yesterday evening and since no one ever bothers here to clean up the snow it was clear that busses and trains will have problems in the morning. It came as expected so my thanks to the "idiot" who decided that puttng the powerlines for trains on the ground is a good idea. He is in a big part responsible for giving everyone a day off :). The other part goes to whoever should be clearing the roads so that cars and busses can drive.
When it snows it's the perfect chance for adults to behave like children and go out playing in the snow, building snowmen, having snowball fights and sliding down a hill on whatever they can find. These were the scenes in and around Blackheath and Greenwich park today and probably most of London.
Took this picture on the heath today. The title for the picture would be "Tree of Love" but "Snowed Under" fits better to the theme for today. Took all pictures with the GX200 and while it has some problems with fringing and the focus gets confused by too much white snow it performed great and had no problems with the wet and cold conditions.

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