Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Blue Tunnel

GRD, f2.4, 1/10, ISO 400, JPG

Today I've had a first look at some of the comparison pictures I took and aside from tha fact that I need some extra high ISO pictures it was interesting to see how good the GX200 is at low ISO and how bad it really is at ISO 1600 where it is quite a lot worse than the R10. But more about this later.

The one thing I really like about small sensor cameras is the big DOF they give, this makes them a lot more usable in low light than any full frame dSLR. Sure, the dSLR will have clean files up to ISO 6400 but if a manufacturer manages to build a 2/3" or 1" sensor with only 8 MP and current technology it could deliver very good high ISO and coupled with a f1.2 lens would beat most dSLRs for low light shooting. When taking pictures like this is when I realize how good it is to have a big DOF.

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