Sunday, 8 February 2009

Stairway to Heaven

LC1, f2.2, 1/40, ISO 100, RAW, 28mm

The weather was very nice today so I went out to get my biggest shoot-out done. I packed all my digital cameras and went to shoot more comparison pictures for the GX200 review. This should have been done a while ago but the weather and other things meant I cold not get it done as I would have liked. It is coming along nicely though and will be done very soon. All I am missing now is a high ISO comparison between all Ricoh cameras but this will be done tomorrow.
This picture is not part of the comparison and I took it to post it on my blog. I stood right in front of a 'No Photography' sign but this was referring to the inside of the house and not the stairway so I took the picture. Not that I am well known for following 'no photography' signs anyway ;).

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