Saturday, 21 March 2009

The Yelow Wall

LC1, f6, 1/60, ISO 100, RAW, 28mm

Although the weather was fantastic today, I did not get to take many pictures and spent most of the day indoors. I have been to a LPMG workshop, first about off camera flash and then Charlie Waite took over and told us about his motivation and approach to take pictures. It was a very interesting day and especially Charlie Waite is a great speaker.
One perticulary interesting thing during his speech was when he showed us some of his work, he mentioned only one camera that he used and it must have stood out from his other pictures. This was a GR21 from which he had two pictures and both pictures were b&w high ISO film pictures. I found it very interestng to see that the only camera he mentioned was a Ricoh and like the majority of the Ricoh GR pictures they were shot in b&w. This shows me that my suggestion for Ricoh to create a fully b&w GRD would be a good idea and that people would like one.

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