Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Sale Sale

LC1, f2, 1/60, ISO 100, JPG, 34mm

Following some recent comments on my blog by Lili and Wouter, I decided to change the cameras and take the Panasonic LC1 with me for an outing again. It has been a bit neglected due to the size and weight but still has some of the best controlls on a digital camera although it is impossible to control it fully with one hand like the GRDs.

Initially, I planned to take a few pictures of the Christmas decoration in London. Well, there was only one problem with that. There is not Christmas decoration at all in London and if you have something that looks like it could be decoration it is really boring. I do not expect the decoration in any european city to come close to Tokyo, Hong Kong or New York but this is just appaling. Since I moved here, the decorantion around Christmas got worse and worse and is none existent this year. But who needs to decorate their shop windows if it's enough to put a big red sign with 'Sales' written on it and people will come in masses.

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