Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Macau Meet-up

If you're in Hong Kong a visit to Macau is a must and it only takes 1h on the ferry. It is very different from HK and feels more like a Mediterranean city by day and like a mini Las Vegas by night. This is only if you stick to the main roads though. Step into the small side streets and it all changes though, it loses the glitzy facade and Mediterranean feel and remains the Chinese small city character. I find it quite fascinating and think it definitely deserves a slightly longer photographic excursion next time.
More pictures from the side streets as usual on my Dropbox gallery here.

One of the best things about going to Macau was the chance to meet fellow blogger and Ricoh GRD lover Mike ( We got in touch through my blog and exchanged some tips and observations about the GRDs. He is also the only person I know to own not only most books written about the GRD but also the blue anniversary edition GRD I. It was great to meet him and spend some time talking about the GRDs. Unfortunately we did not have much time but we'll definitely keep in touch and meet up next time. This made it the first unofficial 'Ricoh Macau meet up' ;), next time we'll try to organize an official meet up.

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