Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The Rose

GRD, f2.4, 1/500, ISO 64, JPG, 40mm

The weather has been very nice today, sunny but a bit cold, so I decided to take a stroll through Greenwich Park on my way home. I took a few pictures there and while this was initially not my favorite I saw the potential for editing it to get the look I wanted. First I wanted to saturate it even more but decided against it. The end result is how I imagined it when I reviewed the shot on the camera.

Yesterday, I reported about the Ricoh dSLR rumor based on an interview with Ricoh from Photokina published in Amateur Photographer. I found this surprising having had a long chat with Ricoh and nothing like this has been mentioned. So I went out and bought the magazine today. To my disapointment there was no interview with Ricoh nor is the magazine any good.

I've seen some amazing photography magazines in Japan but the European magazines, so far, have all been a waste of paper. Here over half of the magazines are full of advertising, the camera tests consist of diagrams and charts but no pictures. In Japan the camera magazines are almos full of pictures taken with cameras, guides and tips how to take these pictures, camera tests consist of full-page pictures taken with the cameras and the print quality is a lot higher. This means that either people in Europe are obsessed with charts and advertising in photography magazines or the publishers care only about the money they get through advertising. You, like me, will probably chose the 2nd point as the more believable one ;).

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