Thursday, 30 October 2008

Man In Motion

GX100, f2.9, 1/125, ISO 100, RAW, 24mm

While I did not take many pictures yesterday, I took lots of pictures today. Originally, I planned a series on the Bargehouse and I've been there indeed and took lots of pictures. Now I tok this picture on the way there from the hip and had to crop it a lot.
Now, why did I choose this picture instead of the Bargehouse series that was planned? First, this picture just works great for me and it stands out between the rest of the pictures I took today. It's also a picture that I or anyone else will never take again. Second, I want to take more pictures of the Bargehouse over the weekend and see if it's possible to get in when it's empty so I can take soe more pictures. It is a great and very interesting building that offers great photo opportunities unless you only like to photograph nice things. You can say that I scouted the location today and will return over the weekend to take the pictures I want.

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