Monday, 13 July 2009

iPhone Diary - Day 1

I have done it, I have joined the dark side, the evil fruit empire called Apple has managed to lure me into buying one of their (overpriced) products. About a week ago I decided to buy the new iPhone 3GS and so far it is the worst phone I have ever owned and probably ever will own. The battery life is pathetic, the reception is prety poor (mostly thanks to O2 for that), the shape is horrible and it is more slippery than a thin bar of soap and it is ridiculously overpriced thanks to the monopoly Apple has created wth the providers (where are the EU watchdogs if you need them?).
BUT and a big but here, if you are looking for more than a phone this is where the iPhone realy comes into it's own. Apple has tried hard to lock it down as much as possible and has ignored features every manufacturer had in their devices for years now but after 3 years Apple has finally managed to release the best iPhone yet. As bad as it is as a phone it is the best MID (Mobile Internet Device or beter Multimedia & Internet Device) out there at the moment. The interface is great, the apps are plenty and some are extremely usefull or just entertaining. Everything just works great in this respect, especially if you defy Apple and jailbreak it. This is the reason why I bought one and if you are looking for an MID and don't care much about making calls you should seriously consider this as there is not much that comes close.

This should not become a iPhone review however but more the start of an iPhone week. Don't get me wrong, I would not suggest for a minute that the "camera" in any phone is a real camera. Instead I will treat it as a Lomo camera and try to just have fun with it without considering technicalities or the final technical quality.
It seems that recently any self respecting photographer needs to take some pictures with a phone camera ;).

So for this week I will try to use the iPhone as a real MID and take, edit and hopefully post everything from the phone.
Today's post is written on my laptop but the picture has been taken with the iPhone camera and edited using the free Mill Color software on the iPhone.

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