Tuesday, 16 June 2009

White Shirt Gang

GRD, f6.3, 1/640, ISO 200, JPG b&w

While in HK I mentioned that I know exactly what I want in my next camera and what it needs to have. It was simple, a camera with the b&w image quality and fast AF from the Ricoh GRD I and the flexibility of the Panasonic LC-1 plus the bigger sensor and maybe interchangeable lenses while staying pocketable.
Today, Olympus finally announced their new m4/3 camera and it is (almost) exactly what I have been looking for. It is the new and highly anticipated Olympus E-P1 and it is the first proper serious compact with interchangeable lenses.
After reading the preview and having a look at the great b&w samples (taken with an Art filter), I can't wait till the camera is released. I already submitted my entry to review the camera for 1 week on the Olympus E-P1 webpage.

There are only a few things holding me back from rushing out and getting the E-P1. The lack of proper wideangle lenses for the m4/3 format and old lenses have to deal with a 2x crop but more importantly the reports about slow AF, this alone could rule the camera out for me.
Another reason is the rumor that Ricoh has something similar planned to replace the GRD II with. Knowing Ricoh, their camera will at least have a selection of wideangle lenses available and if the CX1 is anything to go by also a fast AF.
I sure hope Ricoh will announce something soon because the 25th is not far away and I don't know if I can resist getting a E-P1 ;) .

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