Saturday, 17 January 2009

SWPP Model

LC1, f2.4, 1/15, ISO 200, JPG, 90mm

Today, I went to the SWPP Convention and Trade show. It was interesting and I managed to find a few places I will try for prints and also to develop the films from the GR1. There were also a few events and classes of how to take good studio pictures. While I am not hugely interested in this I was hanging around to see one of the free classes to find out what a 60MP PhaseOne camera can do.
It might be impressive on a technical level but the wireless flashes used and the photographer managed to make this model look pretty ugly in the resulting picture. I think having the soft light only without a flash is much nicer and shadows are good and give depth to a picture. Using flash is always too harsh and cold no matter how you set this up to diffuse it.

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